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16 September 2020

Release of Two-way VHF Radiotelephone JHS-207 Featuring Compact, Lightweight Design and User-friendly Operation

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. will release the new two-way VHF radiotelephone JHS-207, which is compliant with GMDSS installation requirements.

The JHS-207 has a lightweight design that enables it to be held for prolonged periods without fatigue. It weighs only about 300 g including the battery pack. If a ship encounters an emergency situation, the high-capacity battery enables operation for up to 12 hours*1 so that operators can use it safely and securely for two-way communication.

*1: When using emergency battery (for usage ratio of sending 10%, receiving 10%, and standby 80%).


Two-way VHF radiotelephone JHS-207

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