Site Policy

Site Policy

This site (“the Site”) is operated by Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) and/or agents appointed by the Company. Users of the Site are asked to read the paragraphs below and use the Site only if they agree with conditions described therein.
Information described below may change without prior notice. Users are asked to keep abreast of the latest details.

For our policy on protection of personal information, please click here.


Information contained in the Site is protected by copyright laws, treaties, and other laws of various countries.
Apart from private use, or to an extent permitted explicitly by other laws, use of information on the Site (including reproduction, modification, revision, and falsifications, etc., as well as downloading, posting, transmission, distribution, licensing, selling, publishing, and quoting) is prohibited without prior written permission of the Company.
Software available through the Site is the property of the rights-holder of said software. When using such software, please comply with provisions of the software license agreement specified by the software rights-holder, as well as copyright laws, treaties, and other relevant laws.

2.Registered Trademarks

“JRC” and the names of the Company’s products appearing on the Site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company. The names of other products and other companies are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

3. Display Environment Specifications

Users are asked to acknowledge that pages on the Site may appear or function differently depending on the operating environment, which includes operating system, browser, and device used. (For example, a separate application is required to view videos on the Site via smartphone.)


The Site uses JavaScript. When using a browser that is not JavaScript-enabled, the Site may appear incorrectly or function improperly. We recommend that you enable JavaScript when viewing the Site.


Some of the content on the Site is available in PDF and/or various video formats, as well as Adobe Flash. Viewing such content will require software listed below.

PDF files: Adobe Reader
Video files: Windows Media Player, QuickTime
Adobe Flash: Flash Player

6.Prohibited Items

The following actions are prohibited when using the Site.

  • Actions that violate the property of third parties and/or the Company, or actions causing fear of such same.
  • Actions that infringe on the privacy of third parties and/or the Company, or actions causing fear of same.
  • Actions that smear, slander, or intimidate third parties and/or the Company.
  • Actions that disadvantage or damage third parties and/or the Company, or actions causing fear of same.
  • Actions that damage the honor and trust of third parties and/or the Company.
  • Conducting business, actions aimed at conducting business, and actions aimed at preparing to conduct business.
  • Actions that violate public order and morality and actions causing fear of same.
  • Criminal behavior, actions linked to criminal behavior, and actions causing fear of same.
  • Making false declarations/notifications, including registration using another person’s email address.
  • Using computer viruses and other harmful programs, or actions causing fear of same.
  • Changing, revising, or falsifying content on the Site.
  • Actions that violate other relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances, or actions causing fear of same.
  • Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

7.External Links

Third-party sites hyperlinked to the Site (“external links”) are the responsibility of their respective corporate owners and are not under the control of the Company. Therefore, please conform to the terms of use when using those respective external links. The Company assumes no responsibility for damage arising from the use of external links. The fact that external sites are linked to the Site does not mean that the Company endorses usage of those sites or products, services, companies, and the like appearing on such sites, nor does the Company have special relationships with the operators of such sites.


  • The Company shall reply individually to inquiries received from customers.
  • In some cases, the Company may be unable to respond, depending the nature of the inquiry.
  • The Company may need some time to respond to inquiries received via e-mail. For urgent inquiries, please contact the Company by telephone.


The Company is not obligated to respond to proposals, such as technical and operating specifications, sent by persons via the Site’s inquiry form or any other format. If such proposals are received, they will be discarded by the Company without any evaluation or consideration.

Please acknowledge that reason for this policy is to prevent misunderstandings, troubles, and the like pertaining to the future usage rights of a proposal in the event such proposal is coincidentally identical or similar to an idea generated independently by the Company.

The Company shall assume that all proposals received are based on agreement with the above. Even if a proposal received is coincidentally identical or similar to one of the Company’s own ideas, the Company bears no responsibility to the individual or group sending the proposal, including for payment of compensation and the like.


The Company pays close attention when posting information on the Site. However, the Company cannot guarantee, for example, whether or not such information is accurate, helpful, or definite, or whether or not it is secure and reflects the objectives of users.
The Company bears no responsibility for information on the Site that is used or not used, or for damage that may be caused due to the use of such information.
Please acknowledge that the Company may change the content of the Site without prior notice, and that operation of the Site may be subject to interruption or discontinuation.
The Company bears no responsibility for damage that may be caused by changes to the content of the Site, or by interruption or discontinuation of the Site's operation.

10.Governing Laws and Jurisdictions

Use of the Site and interpretations/applications of conditions governing the use of the Site are subject to Japanese laws. All disputes arising from use of the Site shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court unless otherwise provided.

Accessibility Policy

Our Stance on Accessibility

The Company wants the Site to be user-friendly for as many people as possible. When building and operating the Site, therefore, we strongly emphasize accessibility.
Our goal is to comply with Grade A of JIS X 8341-3:2010, a Japanese Industrial Standard on Web accessibility. (This is a set of Web design guidelines for the elderly and persons with disabilities, specifically “Information and communications equipment, software, and services—Part 3: Web Content.”)

Target Scope

Our targets for the aforementioned accessibility guidelines are pages subordinate to the Site (
As of April 2016, however, only the top page ( conformed to the guidelines. We will consider applying the guidelines to pages outside the target scope in the future.

Target Grade and Degree of Attainment

Conformity with Grade A of JIS X 8341-3:2010

The Company has satisfied the following Grade AA criteria: Resizing of text Two or more attainment means Visually recognizable focus Consistent navigation Consistent distinctiveness

Deadline for Attainment

April 1, 2016

Inquiries about Accessibility

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