Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

JRC (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes environmental conservation to be one of the most important common concerns for all mankind, and will act with full consideration for environmental conservation in all aspects of its business activity.

Basic Policy

The company has set the following basic policies based on the principles of ISO 14001. Through its business operations, the company contributes to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change as well as the creation of a sustainable recycling-oriented society, and deal with the issues of biodiversity and ecosystem protection (hereinafter referred to as "important issues"), aiming to develop as a company while fulfilling the social responsibilities.

  • The company provides the society with solutions that can help solve important issues by developing new products and technologies, and by utilizing its wireless communication and information processing technologies.
  • The company strives towards reducing impacts on the environment by helping to stop global warming and by promoting 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) of waste activities.
  • The company complies with environmental regulations and all other social requirements that the company has agreed to follow.
  • The company makes efforts to promote improvements in its environmental management system in order to reduce the impacts of its business operations, products, and services on the environment, and to prevent pollution.
  • The company sets environmental objectives as its environmental protection tasks, and makes maximum efforts to achieve such objectives. The company revises the environmental objectives periodically.
  • The company keeps all employees and everyone who works for the company thoroughly informed about its environmental policy in order to make sure they understand and follow it. The company also makes the environmental policy accessible to the general public via the corporate website and through other means.

Sustainability List