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10 March 2009(last update 16 January 2017)

Guidelines for JRC Maintenance support

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to express our thanks for your appreciated purchase of our manufactured equipment.

JRC is pleased to announce the following statement with regard to maintenance support: "Service parts supply status list for discontinued models", " The end of life year for equipment production" and "Alternative items for discontinued service parts", in-line with the Japanese Marine Equipment Association (JSMEA) document, "Guideline for Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment Maintenance".

JRC's standard maintenance support on all equipment is for a minimum period of ten years, from the date of discontinuing manufacture. In addition, ongoing maintenance support will be reasonably provided beyond this period, depending on availability of the parts for equipment repair. However, please be aware that there maybe unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, whereby maintenance support on equipment cannot be provided. This may be due to the unavailability of the required parts or other such factors beyond our control and in such situations JRC shall have applied "best industry efforts" to source and locate suitable alternatives accordingly.

Please find attached the JRC service parts supply status for discontinued models(16 January 2017).

Sincerely yours

Keimei Kojima / Executive

JRC Marine Electronics Division

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