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8 November 2007

JRC at the forefront of Inmarsat’s new FleetBroadband service

Officially launched on 19 November this year, FleetBroadband is set to satisfy the broadband requirements of those navigating the world’s seas.

At one fell swoop, JRC will launch its next-generation satellite communication terminal together with Inmarsat’s industry-changing FleetBroadband communication service, delivering the most advanced maritime service available from 19 November 2007.

Ensuring that your business runs smoothly is just as important while you are at sea as when you are on shore. With boasting data speeds of up to 284kbps and streaming IP data rate of up to 128kbps, the FleetBroadband FB250 practically ensures that maritime users have better access then ever before. This newest addition to the family gives you faster and more cost-effective access to broadband services, offering seafarers an affordable voice and data option, while providing your vessel with a coverage area of millions of square miles.

Your vessel is effectively transformed into a broadband floating office, with simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data, along with fax and SMS capabilities. This allows you to run online operation systems, whilst still having access to e.g. email, intranet and voice calls – a significant improvement to both operational and social use.

Existing JRC Fleet 33 customers can utilize our dedicated upgrade path to make global voice and broadband data more accessible than ever before. This makes it necessary to replace only the main unit rather than obtaining a completely new system. This unique, exclusively to JRC, cost-effective feature will provide seamless Inmarsat's ocean coverage all via a single main unit upgrade.

Image: Antenna Fleet Broadband 250


Image: Main unit Fleet Broadband 250

Main unit

image: Handset Fleet Broadband 250


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