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26 September 2007

JRC unveiled Compact, Outdoor Mobile WiMAX Base Station

Chicago, September 26th, 2007 - Japan Radio Company (JRC) (Tokyo: TSE No.6751) unveiled its compact, outdoor-installable Mobile WiMAX Base Station (BS) NTF-291 at WiMAX World USA 2007.

JRC NTF-291 Mobile WiMAX BS contains IEEE Std 802.16TM-2005 based MAC and PHY unit, two RF units for MIMO Matrix A and B capability, GPS oscillator for synchronization, and versatile Network interface unit in all-in-one chassis of 370H x 320W x 270D dimensions. These compact, all-in-one, outdoor-installable design will facilitate the site acquisition and installation operation.

The network interface unit of NTF-291 has two modes. One includes all the necessary ASN (Access Service Network) functionalities (Profile B) and directly interfaces to the CSN (Connectivity Service Network). The other mode provides full interface to the Centralized ASN-GW for ASN Profile-C. These two modes will cover wide range of deployment scenarios from starting very small ASN to the dense network in metropolitan area.

JRC NTF-291 utilizes unique OFDMA solution of Runcom Technologies, Ltd (Runcom) and is shown at Runcom Booth (#543). MIMO data transmission between JRC Base Station and Runcom User Terminal is also demonstrated.


image:NTF-291 Block Diagram


Air Interface EEE Std 802.16eTM -2005
Radio Frequency 2.5GHz band
Channel Bandwidth 5MHz /10MHz
Radio Access Control OFDMA
Modulation & Coding Down link:
QPSK1/2, 3/4, 16QAM 1/2, 3/4,
64QAM 1/2. 2/3, 3/4, 5/6

Up link:
QPSK 1/2, 3/4, 16QAM 1/2, 3/4
Dimension 370H x 320W x 270D

ASN Functions

Profile B Profile C

Radio Resource Management

Mobility and Handovers

Mobile IP based Mobility


Radio Resource Management

Mobility and Handovers

Mobile IP based mobility and Authenticator are located in external ASN-GWs.

About JRC

JRC was founded in 1915 and since that time we have developed unique technology based on radio communications and information technologies. Today's communications world is bipolar - global and personal. JRC provides land mobile and personal, information and communications equipments that speed and ease voice, data and image communications. Our original development efforts produce the latest, most advanced information and communications equipment. JRC's key wireless products include Satellite communication system, sub-mm wave Mobile backhaul system and FWA system, Trunked radio system, WiFi Products, GPS receivers and so on.

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