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29 August 2007

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. introduces New "WIPAS" series as Wireless IP Accessfor telecommunication carriers and internet operators.

TOKYO-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Aug.28, 2007-Japan Radio Co., Ltd (Tokyo: 6751), hereinafter referred to as "JRC", today launched New Series of "WIPAS" (*1) Wireless System for the IP Network being deployed worldwide. "WIPAS" is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) system with Ethernet Interface Radio. This system can realize P-P communication and P-MP communication(*2) and also can be applied to mobile backhaul, IP network last one mile, metro network solution and one of WiMAX backhaul solutions. JRC "WIPAS" allows wireless operators to establish high quality broadband services.

Additionally, "WIPAS" series will be expanded to the advanced network, such as WiMAX and NGN that are booming recently. JRC will be enhancing and expanding WIPAS series furthermore to meet the global requirements of IP Interface Radio flexibly. JRC "WIPAS" branded radios will be cost-effective with high performance and it will be leading IP interface network evolution.

<Refer to WIPAS product information (JRC 26GHz FWA SYSTEM)>

  1. "WIPAS": trade-mark registration pending
  2. P-P: Point to Point/ P-MP: Point to Multipoint

JRC WIPAS series

WIPAS series Frequency band System Availability
(Sales started from)
WIPAS-24 24GHz P-P / P-MP 4Q 2005
WIPAS-25 25GHz P-P / P-MP 4Q 2005
WIPAS-26 26GHz P-P / P-MP 2Q 2003
WIPAS-28 28GHz P-P Under contemplation

"WIPAS-26" 26GHz FWA SYSTEM has been co-developed with NTT in order to provide wireless broadband solution which is supposed to have the equal quality to optical cable network. "WIPAS-26" has been launched in Japan since 2003 and it has been approved by FCC and ETSI standard already and now it is being deployed overseas. JRC started to supply "WIPAS-24" to Fiber Tower Corporation, a mobile backhaul carrier, in the United States in December 2005, and STAR 21 Networks, a. s. in Czech Republic agreed with JRC to sign a purchase agreement of WIPAS-26 in December 2006. As to the sales record, we have experienced to sell approx. 10,000 units to domestic and overseas customers.

Additionally, JRC will be planning to deploy "WIPAS" 26GHz FWA SYSTEM in Asian countries. A communication trial test were executed for one year by Malaysia Multimedia University in Malaysia and no issue has been reported on the trial test in the area of high rain intensity. Next trial test will be expected by ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY in Philippines.



Special features:

1. WiMAX BACKHAUL solution

2. LAST-MILE solution

About JRC

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