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22 May 2017

JRC announces global strategic partnership with ALTYS Technologies.

Japan Radio Co., Ltd.(JRC) has announced a strategic partnership with a leading supplier of A-SMGCS solutions, ALTYS Technologies.(ALTYS).

The partnership is a significant step towards offering customers with global solutions and supports in the airport and air traffic control market. Synergy effects of collaboration in the capabilities of a 2nd generation OPTIMUS multilateration(MLAT) system by JRC and a SAGA A-SMGCS solution by ALTYS Technologies would lead to producing A-SMGCS solutions with the highest possible levels of quantity, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

With a solid framework to expand our cooperation, JRC and ALTYS are establishing the strong partnership to co-develop and market an advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-AMGCS) integrated with a 2nd generation OPTIMUS MLAT.

"We are proud to confirm our collaboration with JRC, a renowned leader in the provision of radio communications and navigation systems" said Alexandre Simonin, CEO of ALTYS Technologies. "We are eager to bring the SAGA-OPTIMUS solution to the airport and air traffic control market, as the combination of these systems truly results in a breakthrough innovation. Together with JRC, we will respond to the growing need for a high-precision, low-cost surface surveillance solution."


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