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13 March 2012 (updated: 27 April 2012)

Important Notice : Software upgrade of JRC Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) for ENC(Not Applicable for ARCS and C-Map Functionality)

This information is to advise customers to arrange and complete necessary JRC ECDIS software upgrade as soon as possible.

In accordance with IMO SN.1/Circ. 266/Rev.1 and IHO ENC/ECDIS Data Presentation and Performance Check for Ships*1, latest software upgrade is highly recommended by IMO and IHO if ECDIS is used as a primary means of navigation.

ECDIS which are not upgraded to the latest version of the ECDIS Product Specification or the S-52 Presentation Library may be unable to correctly display the latest charted features.

Please check the software version in the appropriate ECDIS model instruction manual and arrange to upgrade to the latest software, if the installed software version of the ECDIS is earlier than the following versions. Please change the function mode from Radar mode to ECDIS mode when you check the software version of JMA-900B. Please use paper charts until software is upgraded to the latest versions.

MODEL Software Version Maintenance Number Release
ECDIS Application Ver.02.02
Chart Portfolio Ver.02.02
00000055 8 March 2012
Ecp 27 April 2012
JMA-900B*3 ECDIS Application Ver.02.02
Chart Portfolio Ver.02.02
00000121 11 May 2012

The latest software (file size: approx. 100MB) can be downloaded from the following URL*2.

If you need any support, please contact JRC service agents listed on the above URL.

  1. IHO produced a ENC/ECDIS check dataset of Data Presentation and Performance Check for Ships in October 2011 in order to provide more information to IMO and to alert mariners to the possibility that their ECDIS software may require upgrading to fulfill all the latest requirements of the relevant IHO standards related to ECDIS.
  2. It should be noted that if the latest software (file size: approx. 100MB) is downloaded via onboard communication system, the cost will be added to users' airtime bills.
  3. The latest software of JMA-900B shall be upgraded by JRC service engineer. Please contact JRC service agents.

Note: Underline is revised items at 27 April 2012 from previous news.

For further information: please contact

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