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24 May 2010

JRC successfully launched its JRC IP-SNG ELITE in the Philippine for its IP-SNG World Debut.



Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC), in cooperation with AZ Communication Network, Inc. (AZCOM) successfully launched a field demonstration of its state of the art in Satellite News Gathering equipment (SNG) effective at the VSAT HUB of AZCOM located at Clark Field Pampanga. Through this actual field demonstration, JRC IP-SNG has proven its capability and adopted the Philippine environment in the field of telecommunication for its IP-SNG debut in Manila, Philippines.

The JRC IP-SNG (Internet Protocol-Satellite News Gathering) ELITE is a mobile type satellite equipment for capturing live video news contents/footages from a field location to studio in time of any major events and also specially during disaster occurrence, etc. It is very useful in Philippines as an archipelago comprising of thousand islands. It has a flat transportable type antenna which has a compact style and has a lightweight structure in which any individual person can carry it alone. The radio units can transmit IP-based top class high transmission data rate of up to 9 Mbps and can work on various video codec. It is easy to install and required no technical expertise.

IP-SNG ELITE can easily provide LAN environment at remote site and TV repeater station because of ease of installation, easy to carry and easy connection to the headquarters via satellite. It can also transmit other kind of application such as VoIP telephony, video stream, email system, web browsing, etc.

image:IP-SNG system configuration

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