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19 September 2008 (updated: 18 December 2008)

JRC's LRIT course of action

This is to advise the requirements and solutions JRC offers for LRIT, including practical notes.

Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) is a global monitoring system of the ship's movements. Ships are required to fit a system that automatically transmits information, such as identity, position and the date and time of the position at time of transmission. Ships are required to have such a system installed on the first radio inspection day after 31 December 2008, according to MSC.202 (81).

The following ships (engaged on international voyages) are required to implement LRIT:

All passenger ships, including high speed craft

Cargo ships, including high speed craft of 300 gross tonnage and above

Mobile offshore drilling units

Note that even if your Inmarsat C terminal currently not requires LRIT operation, updating software is highly recommended in case of possible future usage.

I've no Inmarsat C onboard. How do I comply with LRIT?

JUE-85 (complete Inmarsat C solution with LRIT integrated as standard)

JUE-95LT (stand alone LRIT solution)

I've an existing JRC Inmarsat C onboard. How do I comply with LRIT?

This I have Solution
JUE-75A Upgrade to JUE-85 (without replacing messaging unit)
JUE-75C (without CN114) Upgrade to JUE-85 (without replacing messaging unit, printer & PSU)
JUE-75C (with CN114) Software upgrade only
JUE-85 Software upgrade only


Upgrade in accordance with JRC's LRIT solutions before carrying out conformance testing with LRIT Application Service Providers, such as Pole Star and Transas Telematics .

Replacing existing JRC Inmarsat C terminals to JUE-85 requires the following:

ID application

Commissioning test

Changing SSAS security plan

If data reporting function is used with JUE-75C (new GMDSS correspondence - with CN114), JUE-85 or JUE-95VM, software updating is required to change to Inmarsat C system for LRIT.

Contact your local JRC partner or official distributor for more information.

For further information: please contact

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