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19 December 2006 (updated: 8 February 2007)


Japan Radio Company, Ltd. one of the world’s largest manufactures of marine electronics has developed an innovative “solid state” radar transceiver, specifically designed for any future SOLAS ships. The pioneering radar transceiver will have a lot of influence on all future radar developments. JRC obtained an “experimental-license” on 10 November 2006 and has already started a substantial sea evaluation.

The "solid state" S-band radar using new technology will also conform to revised IMO radar performance standards MSC.192 (79) required for radar installed on or after 1 July 2008

Our technical background has taught us that a combination of high-power amplifiers and linear filters are, due to high expense, not suitable for installation on average commercial vessels.

JRC has developed a “new” high-power solid state transceiver module. Significantly miniaturizing the transceiver, thereby, allowing it to be built into the radar scanner. This allows the radar to transmit wide pulses of hundreds of watts, compared to the traditional magnetron radar which transmits in terms of tens of kilowatts.

“This is a cutting edge product, far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Mr. Suwa, the President of Japan Radio Co., Ltd. “It will be of tremendous value to the modern, marine electronics user.”

The “solid-state” radar sustains the same sensitivity as traditional radar, but the sea and rain-clutter performance will most likely increase. The foremost, significant benefit for the modern, marine electronic user will be the major reduction of maintenance costs.

JRC is continuously developing and evaluating new products based upon future IMO radar requirements that will contribute to future safety and navigation at sea.

JRC has plans to release the “solid state” radar after July 2008.

Image: Prototype Solid State Radar System

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