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13 Aug. 2003

Enters the Overseas Market for Mobile communications Measuring Instruments - Expanded Product Lineup -

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) entered the overseas market for the mobile communications measuring instruments on August 1, 2003 in order to respond to the recent globalization of the portable phone market. JRC has undertaken the OEM supply of testers for the production and maintenance of GSM/GPRS and Cdma2000 portable phones to Agilent Technologies Corporation, U.S.A.(hereinafter Agilent), but this tester business has been transferred from Agilent to JRC. JRC started to sell the testers under its own brand in the global market. In addition, the measuring instruments for mobile communications that JRC has been selling to the telecommunication operators and communications equipment manufacturers in Japan will also be expanded in the product lineup and will be launched into the overseas market.

The brand power of JRC as a measuring equipment manufacturer will further be strengthened in adding the field-proven testers to the JRC brand lineup, ensuring the accelerated development of the measuring instrument business in the overseas market. JRC anticipates that the first-year sales for the overseas market will amount to approximately 2 billion yen in the real entry into the global market for measuring instruments.

* The JRC products for overseas development are as follows:

GSM/GPRS Tester (NJZ-917BJ) (equivalent to Agilent model E6393B)

This model is a high-performance tester available at low price and most suited for repair and service of GSM mobile terminals.

cdma2000 Mobile Terminal Tester (NJZ-1800BJ) (equivalent to Agilent model E6393B)

This model is a mobile terminal tester with a wide range of advanced functions compatible for testing, repair and service of various CDMA systems in countries (The compliance with 1 x EV-DO is scheduled for October 2003.)

W-CDMA Mobile Terminal Tester (NJZ-1900B)

This tester is most suited for the production and maintenance service of W-CDMA mobile terminals, attaching importance to the RF importance measurement.

W-CDMA Application Tester (JEM-413A)

This model is a tester to realize the environment for application assessment on W-CDMA mobile terminals.

Multi-path Fading Simulator (NJZ-1600B)

This model can reproduce the fading on inevitable multi-paths and simulate the propagation paths that appear usually in mobile communications systems.

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