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Image:V700 can build up safety and security together with users. TRIHAWK V700 Vessel Traffic Management System and Coastal radar systems


Image:TRIHAWK V series Large Scale Model V700 Congestion area Large area Range:5-over100NM

About "TRIHAWK V700series"

The "TRIHAWK V700 Series" can be designed for the Basic, Standard or Advanced System in accordance with IALA-128 and customized to fully meet you requirements.

Image:Complied with IALA V-128 Basic, Standard and Advanced

V700 Series Features

  • Multi-radar integration
  • VTS system for large-scale systems
  • Linking with CCTV camera
  • Integration with VHF coast station
  • Microwave multiplex communications available
  • Meteorological sensors incorporated
  • Solid-state X-band radar available
  • Complied with IMO Resolution A.857(20)

JRC's VTS system performance features

Unique features

With JRC's highly reliable VTS system solution, harbours of any size and on any location can benefit from automatic real-time traffic monitoring, warning and simulation features and broadcasting services that integrate seamlessly with the operator workstation.

Operating environment

JRC's VTS system solution integrates all information in to a (single) operator working environment for ease of use and in order to allow for effective traffic organisation and communication. The intuitive and simple interfacing coincides with logical on-screen symbols and marks characterised with colouring. This way, all factors influencing the traffic as well as information about other participating vessels and their intension can be monitored, evaluated and responded upon, all via a central location in the port management area.

Reducing environmental impact

VTS system is the balance of performance and energy efficiency. From designing for energy reduction to improve the recycling rate, JRC's design philosophy focuses on the future of our products. JRC strongly believes that reducing the environmental impact of our business starts with the design of products. JRC's VTS system is designed to offer excellent environmental performance throughout its life cycle and to be energy efficient, which helps to reduce the environmental impacts associated with Carbon Dioxide (CO2), saving us all from using more of our valuable natural resources.