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Image:V620 is just the VTS you demand. TRIHAWK V620 Sea Surveillance Radar System


Image:TRIHAWK V series Basic Model V620 Small port 1Radar station Range:5-10NM

About "TRIHAWK V620series"

The "TRIHAWK V620 Series" is designed for a medium scale of sea area surveillance. This series features high functionality and excellent cost performance by adoption of advanced radar signal processing and easy-to-see personal computer display.
In addition, a variety of options are made available for flexible choice for various purposes of use.
This V620 series is adequate for the Local Port Service in accordance with IALA-128.

Image:Complied with IALA V-128 Local Port Services

*IALA Local Port Services category is under planning by IALA and will be decided by V-128,Ed.4.

Automatic Tracking of up to 300 Vessels

The image server/tracking device incorporated in the Radar data processor provides the high-resolution plotting processing function and the automatic vessel tracking processing function designed for VTMS systems. The vessels entering the automatic tracking area that is preset on the Operation Display by the user are automatically acquired and tracked. By setting an tracking exclusion area, buoys, reefs and other unnecessary targets can be excluded from tracking.

Image:Automatic Tracking of up to 300 Vessels

Original Signal Processing for Sharp and Clear Radar Image

The original signal processing technology that JRC has developed in its long history of marine radar business includes pulse width setting, gain control, sea clutter suppression, rain/snow clutter suppression, interference rejection, etc., to provide sharp and clear radar images.

Wide-area Overview by Expansion Displays (Option)

The system can be expanded by adding optional operation displays, allowing two or more operators to monitor a congested sea area. Up to 3 operation displays are connectable to the system. These expansion displays can present an overview of a wide sea area or different sea areas on their individual screens.

Image:Overview of a wide sea area on 3 display screens