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Image:If you choose cost performance, it's V600! TRIHAWK V600 Sea Surveillance Radar System


Image:TRIHAWK V series Entry Model V600 Small port 1Radar station Range:5-10NM

About "TRIHAWK V600series"

The "TRIHAWK V600 Series" is designed for a small scale of sea area surveillance. It is made available at the lowest cost among JRC V-series VTS’ s and designed for the Local Port Service.

Designed for Local Port Services

The V600 series is an entry model which is available at the lowest cost in the JRC TRIHAWK V series and designed to meet the Local Port Services.

Compact-type VTS

This VTS model is d esigned as the compact system consisting of an antenna, a processer unit and an operation unit, which is suitable for surveillance of a relatively small sea area of approximately 5 to 10NM. An operation display is also available as option to display an accurate electronic navigational chart (ENC S63).

Image:ENC display screen of optional operational display