MCPA NAH-330 Series

  • Digital TV Broadcasting


Discontinued Products

Image : NAH-366

10W MCPA, NAH-366

The NAH-330 series is a multi-channel power amplifier unit for terrestrial digital TV broadcasting equipment and it is capable of simultaneous amplification on multiple channels.


Simultaneous amplification

The signals in the up to 90MHz bandwidth can be amplified simultaneously.

Feed forward distortion compensation

Image : Principle of Feed Forward Distortion Compensation

  • The intermodulation products in the 90MHz bandwidth are suppressed to  E0dB or less using the wide-band feed forward distortion compensation amplifiers.
  • Any radiation out of the band is suppressed, giving no impact on adjacent channels.
  • The distortion compensation circuit is stabilized in operation using the JRC Patented high-speed automatic analog control sequence.

Stand-by system

The stand-by system is available in the N+1 system and the parallel running system.

Compact design

The equipment incorporates the power supply modules and a cooling fan (except the 100W model), ensuring compact equipment.


Input frequency band UHF TV Band
Distortion characteristic IM =  E0 dB or less
Output power 3W 10W 30W 100W
(W x H x D mm)
209x99x325 329x104x360 379x104x450 390x120x600