Exhibition Information : IWCE 2024


Japan Radio Co., Ltd., will exhibit its latest Private 5G solution at the IWCE 2024 in Florida, USA taking place on 27th – 28th Mar 2024.


JRC has been conducting demonstration tests on the possibilities of Private 5G (Beyond 5G) utilization in various technological fields with many partner companies in Japan. At this exhibition, JRC will introduce the Private 5G (Beyond 5G) technologies that we have developed through our experience and achievements.

Please stop by the JRC Booth (No.651), we look forward to seeing you there.


Private 5G System

5G Base Station Radio (RU: Radio Unit)

JRC's 5G RU is a compact, lightweight base station radio with high performance. It can be easily deployed to provide higher capacity and wider coverage with minimum power consumption through ultra-high-speed, high-capacity data transmission.

 - O-RAN 7.2 compliant
 - 4T4R External antenna mode, supports DL 4x4 and UL 2x2
 - Maximum power output of each antenna is 5 W
 - Supports n79, n78, and n48 frequency bands

5GC/CU/DU Integrated Base Station Signal Processing Server

5GC (5G Core), CU (Centralized Unit), and DU (Distributed Unit) can be integrated in one industrial server to provide a compact 5G system.

FHM (Fronthaul Multiplexer)

FHM is a device for building a single cell with multiple RUs and has the following features.

 -  O-RAN 7.2 compliant
 -  Up to 8 RUs can be connected to the FHM to build one cell with up to 8 RUs.
 -  Up to two FHMs can be connected in cascade to build a single cell with a maximum of 16 RUs.

MCPTT Software

Application for Smartphone

Our MCPTT application is a reliable Mission Critical Communication platform designed for public safety, defense, utility and mining, which can provide functions including MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData.


Our Dispatcher is a tool that gives visibility on the user’s activity. It gathers information from the field and displayed them in a comprehensive way. It includes Client functions such as Push-To-Talk, video call and data communication (Push to Talk, Push to Video, Push to Data), group messaging, GPS users’ location management and can receive and display video from multiple terminals in real time.

JRC Radio Monitoring System

JRC Radio Monitoring System is a signal strength measurement system for 4G/5G. It quickly creates coverage maps by sending signal strength measured at terminals to a server in real time and creating a database of signal strength. Using the measured data, various analyses are possible, such as coverage range for each base station, handover points, and blind zones.

BS Navigator is a derivative application of JRC Radio Monitoring System and works in conjunction with base stations. With this app, users can check the location and signal status of base stations.

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Exhibition Information

Date 27 - 28 March 2024
Place Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL, USA
Booth No. No.651
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