400MHz SATELLITE EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon JQE-3A



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Specifications / Components

Operating frequency 406.025 ± 0.002MHz
Frequency stability 2 × 10-9 100msec or less (short-term)
Output power 5watts ± 2dB
Modulation Phase modulation (1.1 ±0.1 radian peak)
Homing transmitter Frequency 121.5MHz
Output power 50mW at 50-ohm load
Modulation Amplitude modulation
Antenna Vertical whip
Battery type Lithium (term of validity: 5years)
Operating life 48 hours (or more)
Activation methods Automatic and manual
Strobelight Effective intensity 0.75 candela or more (effective)
Flash rate 20 to 30 times/minute
Digital message Repetition rate 50sec ± 5%
Transmission time 440msec ± 1% (short message)
Temperature range Operating -20degC to +55degC
Storage -30degC to +70degC(COSPAS/SARSAT class-2)
Mounting bracket Float free type with hydrostatic release