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Efficient, safe, and secure operation management


This service enables checking at any time the status of managed ships from the management company office by installing our equipment in ships with high-speed satellite communication equipment such as FX installed. The service thereby contributes to economical, safe, and secure navigation management.

ssv_02What is ClassNK Innovation Endorsement?
It is a system where ClassNK, an independent third-party organization, certifies and issues certificates for innovative functions, thereby supporting the deployment of products and services. J-Marine Cloud underwent detailed verification and examination, and obtained this endorsement.


Feature List

- Ship Monitoring Service
- VDR Data Download
- Route Deviation Monitoring
- Voyage Plan Sharing
- Data Download
- Measurement

Ship Monitoring Service

Monitor the Status of the Managed Vessel at Sea From the Office

This service*1 allows you to monitor the status of managed ships and condition of our onboard equipment via a web browser while at the office of your company.
The recommended configuration for this service is a combination of our VDR/S-VDR and J-Marine NeCST, but partial services can be provided with only our VDR/S-VDR JCY-1900/1950, J-Marine NeCST, or J-Marine BOX.

*1 : This service requires installation of Inmarsat FleetXpress or VSAT. The information that can be monitored varies depending on the installed equipment.


Screen Example


*2 :  This chart is not for navigational use. This chart is C-MAP. An optional subscription is required for use.


Weather Display

Weather and sea condition information can be displayed together with the managed ships. Wind direction/speed, wave height, currents, surface pressure, and typhoon information can be shown on charts. In addition to the 72-hour weather forecasts, forcasts up to 168 hours can be displayed with an optional contract.


VDR Data Download

For quick assessment of the situation in case of a maritime accident

This service allows you to obtain data (ship speed, steering, various sensor data, radar/ECDIS images, onboard/VHF voice recordings, etc.) accumulated in the VDR/S-VDR*3 installed on the vessel via J-Marine Cloud from the shore side. The obtained data can also be replayed using the VDR Real Time Monitor software*4. It contributes to confirming the vessel's navigation status and promptly grasping the situation in the event of a maritime accident without troubling the crew members.

*3 : This service only supports JCY-1900/1950 and does not support JCY-1800/1850 or VDRs/S-VDRs from other manufacturers.
*4 : Our proprietary software. Please contact our sales department.

Data Accumulated in VDR/S-VDR

Radar image recordings, ECDIS image recordings, sensor data (AIS, GPS, depth sounder, gyro, speed log, etc.), bridge audio recordings, VHF voice recordings

Screen Example


ECDIS [Image Playback Screen]

VDR Real time monitor ソフトウェア再生画面

VDR Real Time Monitor [Software Playback Screen]

Route Deviation Monitoring

Promptly Detect Route Deviations
by Sharing Information Between Ship and Shore

By introducing the route deviation monitoring function*5, alert checking can also be done on the shore side through SSV or SSV Mobile. In case a route deviation alert occurs, promptly contacting the vessel from shore side helps reduce accident risks.

*5 : This service requires installation of internet connection equipment such as Inmarsat FleetXpress or VSAT. The information that can be monitored varies depending on the installed equipment.

System diagram


It can be monitored by two route departure monitors.
*6 BAM=Bridge Alert Management

Route Deviation Judgment Methods

There are two methods for judging route deviations, which can be selected according to the purpose. Or you can use both depending on the equipment installed on the vessel.


1) Cloud-based Judgement

In case of strictly monitoring and detecting signs of route deviation

The cloud server calculates whether the vessel's current GPS position uploaded to the cloud has deviated from the route width. Since the route width can be set by the shore operator, signs of route deviation can be strictly monitored and detected.


2) BAM Information-based Judgement

In case of monitoring depth alert and others as well

Route deviation is judged using the route deviation information contained in the BAM (Bridge Alert Management) information. In addition to route deviation, judgements such as navigating in shallow waters can also be made. This allows monitoring the same alert information as occuring on the vessel on shore.

*Supported BAM information : Cross Track, Deviation From Route, Depth Alert, Crossing Safety Contour, Caution Symbol, Alarm Symbol

Display screen in case of the route deviation

Voyage Plan Sharing

Share NeCST Voyage Plans Among Managed Vessels

By accumulating on J-Marine Cloud, voyage plans created in J-Marine NeCST can be shared among the managed vessels. This service reduces the burden of creating voyage plans when multiple vessels are sailing the same route.
This service requires each vessel to have J-Marine NeCST installed.

Image of utilization

The voyage plans created in J-Marine NeCST can be shared among the managed vessels. 

Data Download

Download Vessel Sensor Data in CSV Format

Sensor data accumulated in the cloud for each vessel can be downloaded in CSV format. This function allows for easy analysis of voyage records.

Image of utilization


Measure Distances Between Vessel, Coastlines and Other Ships

As map-based vessel management functions, we have implemented three features: "Measuring the distance and bearing between two points on the map", "Measuring the area and perimeter distance of a specified range on the map", and "Measuring distances simulating EBLs and VRMs". By utilizing these functions, shore operators monitoring the vessel can check distances from coastlines and other ships, contributing to predicting dangers.

Bearing / Distance Measurement
Measures and displays the bearing and distance between two points on the map.
Area / Parameter Measurement
Measures and displays the area and parameter distance of a specified range on the map.

EBL / VRM Measurement
Measures and displays the bearing and distance simulating a radar screen.


System Configuration

Configuration Diagram


Ship Equipment Configuration

Model of Implementation 1 Product Page



Inmarsat FX*

Model of Implementation 2 Product Page



Inmarsat FX*

Model of Implementation 3 Product Page




J-Marine NeCST

Inmarsat FX*

Model of Implementation 4 Product Page


Inmarsat FX*

*: This service assumes Inmarsat FX or VSAT is installed.

Table of Features by Smart Ship Viewer Implementation Model

The services available on Smart Ship Viewer differ depending on the combination of equipment installed on the managed vessels.



Introducing Our Product

J-Marine BOX

A equipment for transmiting information from navigational quipment installed on vessels to J-Marine Cloud.
The information accumulated in J-Marine Cloud can be viewed using Smart Ship Viewer.



Mobile Application

SSV Mobile

Obtain and Share Vessel Operational Satus and Emergency Information
from Smartphones

It is possible to display a list of the managed vessels on a smartphone. In addition to ship names, routes, and sensor data, you can monitor whether any accidents have occurred and the status of our company's onboard equipment installed on the vessels.

Furthermore, by linking with the Emergency function of the J-Marine NeCST and the chat function, you can promptly detect any emergency situations on the vessel via your smartphone. Early response also becomes possible through chatting directly with the vessel.


  • Fleet Viewer: Display all managed vessels on the chart, view routes/tracks/AIS etc.
  • Conning : View sensor data and alerts uploaded from managed vessels
  • Weather/Sea Conditions: View weather and sea conditions
  • Notification History: View alerts and emergency information (including chat) history

Fleet Viewer


Weather/Sea Conditions

Notification History


Download SSV Mobile App Here

  •  iOS compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS12.0 or newer versions.
  • Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are Apple Inc.'s trademarks registered in the United States and elsewhere.
  • The iPhone trademark is used under license from AiPhone Co.
  • App Store is Apple Inc.'s service mark.

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