Rubidium Frequency Standard NGJ-30

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The NGJ-30 is a high-precision frequency standard using a rubidium oscillator.
It can be used not only as a frequency standard for communications and broadcasting networks, but also for a wide range of applications such as a high-precision frequency standard for use in factory and research facilities and for calibration of measuring instruments.


High stability and high precision

The frequency stability of < 5 x 10-11 / month is realized.

Multi-output terminal (built-in distributor)

A 7-output terminal is incorporated as standard, ensuring output distribution without any external distributor.

Automatic switchover of AC/DC power supply (with built-in backup battery)

AC/DC power supply can automatically be switched over, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the equipment in case of power failure. In addition, the built-in backup battery can supply a backup power until the generator is started.


Output frequency 10MHz
Frequency stability Long time <± 5 x 10-11/ month (at 25 ℁E
Short time <± 1.5 x 10-11/ sec (at 25 ℁E
Temperature Coefficient <± 3 x 10-10/ -25 °to +25 ℁E
Dimensions (mm) 480 (W) x 99 (H) x 300 (D)