Transmitter for FM Radio Broadcasting

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This FM Radio broadcasting transmitter employs a high-efficiency power amplifier with power MOS-FET modules.


High-efficiency power amplifier

A power amplifier with high-efficiency power MOS-FET modules is incorporated.

Compact design

  • All units are mounted on a 2m-high rack.
  • Spare units or additional units for 2kW version can be installed.

Easy maintenance

The LED operation indicator and a dummy load for testing are incorporated, ensuring easy maintenance.


Frequency band 87 to 108 MHz
Output power 1kW
Power supply 100  E130 VAC, 50  E60 Hz
198  E250 VAC, 50  E60 Hz
Cooling system Forced ventilation
Dimensions (mm) 560 (W) x 2000 (H) x 850 (D)