1kW Ultra-high Speed Exchanger JBU-100 for terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting

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Image : JBU-100

The JBU-100 is a 1kW ultra-high speed exchanger capable of seamless switchover between the terrestrial digital TV transmitters of No. 1 and No. 2, using PIN diodes. The use of this exchanger will ensure an easy daily maintence of transmitters.


Ultra-high speed switchover

The exchanger of which uses PIN diodes ensures TV transmitters to be switched over at an ultra-high speed, realizing seamless switchover.

High isolation

The exchanger ensures a high isolation.

Simple and compact design

The exchanger is of simple and compact design because it is unnecessary to add a coaxial line switch.

Fail-safe design

Each circuit in the exchanger is designed with redundancy to ensure fail-safe functionality.

Long life and high reliability

  • The exchanger uses no mechanically movable parts, ensuring long life and high reliability.
  • The PIN diode is DC-isolated from the antenna system, having a high lightening resistance.

Easy maintenance

  • The equipment is of maintenance-free design.
  • The repair or replacement of each assembly sheet and switch device.

Failure analysis function

Any failure point is indicated on an LED.

Manual switchover

Manual switchover is available in an emergency.


Input frequency Any channel selectable from UHF TV Band
Input power 1kW (0FDM modulated signal)
Switchover time Approx.1µsec
Insertion loss 0.15dB or less
Isolation 65dB or more
V.S.W.R 1.1 or less