100W to 5kW Broadcasting Transmitter JBT-200 Series for Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting

  • Digital TV Broadcasting


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The JBT-200 Series provides the output power of 100W - 5kW in the parallel arrangement of power amplifier units using the digital pre-distortion compensation technology.
The JBT-200D65 is the most compact 3kW transmitter that incorporates all necessary functions including an output filter and a dummy load.


Digital pre-distortion compensation

Image:Digital pre-distortion compensation

The intermodulation products due to nonlinear distortion are suppressed to -50dB.

High efficiency

The adoption of the digital pre-distortion compensation guarantees the power amplifier unit efficiency of more than 18%.

Compact design

The output filter is designed to be compact owing to small intermodulation products, and the power supply unit is mounted in each power amplifier unit, realizing the compact 3kW digital broadcasting transmitter.

All-in-one System

The equipment incorporates all the necessary functions including the output filter and the dummy load for testing, and the installation work is complete only by connecting the power cable, input signal cable and antenna cable and connecting the equipment to the cooling system.

Graphic user interface

  • All the operations and supervision are available on the color LCD touch panel controler on the equipment front.
  • Remote control and supervision is available.


Input MPEG-2 TS (ISDB-T)
Output frequencies UHF TV band
Output power 100W - 5kW
Distortion characteristic IM =  E0 dB
Cooling system Water-cooling or air-cooling system
Dimensions 1140 (W) x 1950 (H) x 1100 (D) mm
(water-cooling system)