• Wireless IP Network


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Wireless System can be applied to an attractive last one-mile solution.

By installing an integrated outdoor package (antenna and circuit), the subscriber can enjoy a high-speed, high-capacity wireless broadband environment, having the maximum transmission rate of 80M/40Mbps which is higher than ADSL.

Deployment Schemes

Two types of deployment schemes depending on AP antenna types are available to meet the conditions of service areas.

Image:Deployment with Omni-type AP antenna

Service Range and Quality

  • Modulation method of data transmission for each WT is adaptively controlled depending on the propagation loss between the AP and WT which depends on the distance and rain fall condition.
  • Within the service range of 700 m, system availability of 99.999% availability with packet loss rate of less than 0.01% (packet length of 1000Bytes) is attained using QPSK modulation method.

Image:Service Range and Quality

Operating areas of QPSK and 16QAM modulation methods assuming packet loss rate of less than 0.01% (packet length of 1000Bytes) AP antenna gain is 6.5dBi. Rain fall model is for Tokyo Japan.

Network Configuration

  • Up to 239 WTs can be accommodated within one AP.
  • Second layer isolation of subscriber traffic is provided by 802.1Q VLAN-tag.
  • Broadband Access Server (BAS) terminates access layer functions and relay user traffic to IP backbone network.
    Non-transparent: The access point allocates and terminates VLAN tags.
    Transparent: The access point allocates VLAN tags, which are terminated at the lower-level equipment at respective subscriber terminals.

Image:Network Configuration

Operation System(OpS)

Operation System gives the remote functions of system setting-up, monitor, control and test, including the subscriber initialization, testing and trouble shooting of the AP and WT.

In the OpS, the SNMP protocol is applied to the exchange of information between the Operation Center and the APs to perform the operations such as subscriber registration, monitor & control and testing of the AP and WT.

Image:Operation System(OpS)