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Specifications / Components


Display 6.5-inch Color LCD (TFT)
Resolution 234 x 320pixels
Units Speed/Distance: KTS/NM, KPH/KM, MPH/SM
Water Temperature: °C, °F
Alarms Arrival, Anchor, Off Course, Zone
Display Mode 1)Radar 2)Radar/Chart 3)Chart Plotting
4)CDI/COMPASS 5)Numeric Data 6)Wind Direction
Nay Interfaces GPS x l (Direct Connection To GPS112 or DGPS212)
NMEA0183 x l
(Input sentenses: GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG, MTW, HDT, HDG, HDM, DPT, DBT )
(Output sentenses: GGA, RMB, RMC, GLL, VTG, APB, BWC, BOD, XTE, RSD, OSD)
Compass Interface NMEA0183 x 1 (JLR-10 or Magnetic Compass)
PC Interfaces RS-232C (for PC interface: Option)
Simulator Built-In
Power requirements 12V DC
Power consumption Approx. 50W
Water Resistance Scanner: CFR46, Display: IPx5
Chart Plotter Section
Chart graphic data C-MAP micro C-cartridge (2 slots)
Chart Scale 0.02nm to 400nm (if chart graphic data is available)
Waypoints 1000 waypoints
Routes 40 routes (100 waypoints/route)
Marks 10000 points (total including vessel's track)
Radar Section
Radome type 1.5-ft Diameter
Antenna beam width Horizontal 5.2°, Vertical 30°
Rotation speed Approx. 32rpm
Transmitting Frequency 9445MHz ± 30MHz
Peak Power 2kW
Pulse width/PRF 0.08us/2250Hz, 0.3us/1200Hz, 0.8us/600Hz
IF bandwidth 10MHz/3MHz
Display Presentation Mode Head-up, North-up, Course-up
(N-up, c-up, are available when connected to JLR 10 or Magnetic compass)
Range scales 1/8,1/4,1/2,3/4,1.5,3,6,12,24NM
Range rings 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/4,1/4,1/2,1,2,4NM
Bearing Accuracy ±1°
Low Noise Amp Built-in


Description Model Name Q'ty Remarks
Scanner unit NKE-1065 1
Display unit NCD-4300 1
Inter unit cable CFQ-6531 1 10m or 15m (20m cable is option)
Power cable GFQ-6532 1 2m
Installation tool 1set
Instruction manual 7ZPRD0551 1
Spare parts kit 7ZXRD0004 1
Sunshield 1


Description Model Name
GPS Sensor Unit GPS112
DGPS Sensor Unit DGPS212
GPS Compass Sensor Unit JLR-10
Inter unit cable (20m) CFQ-6531-20
Inter switch unit* NQE-1200

* to be released later