GSM Mobile Station Tester NJZ-917BJ

  • Measuring Instrument


Discontinued at Oct. 1, 2006 / Support will close on Sep. 30, 2011



Expanded capability of low-cost test solution for GSM mobile phone repair

Expanded capability

  • Added dual-band hand-over test capability
  • Extended PCS1900 frequency band
  • Increased DC source voltage range to11 V
  • Expanded six traffic-channel test in Automatic test mode
  • Simplified user interface
  • Added GPRS Mode test capability


  • Accurate, reliable troubleshooting with ±0.6 dB peak power measurement accuracy
  • JRC worldwide service and support


  • Flexibility for performing a variety of mobile phone service tasks, from go/no go, module-level repair to after repair adjustments
  • Tx/Rx, spectrum, power, and dc current measurements to quickly locate faults, and at the same time power the phone through the dc connection
  • After repair adjustment tools to help fine tune mobile stations to the manufacturer specification
  • Easy operation and management with a simple, intuitive user interface and a PC card reader for loading test conditions and product upgrades