Inmarsat-C for GMDSS JUE-85

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Flexible installation

The JUE-85 Inmarsat C system has the same cable management philosophy resembling all other Inmarsat products that JRC is offering, allowing for an easy installation as only a single coax cable is used between Externally Mounted Equipment(EME) and Internally Mounted Equipment(IME). Both are very compact and can be easily installed on any size and type of vessel.

Switching power

If the vessel's main power supply (AC source) fails, the JUE-85 will automatically switch to the emergency DC source. This is one of the necessary requirements to meet the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) regulations.

Self diagnosis

JRC's mobile Inmarsat C Mobile Earth Station(MES) incorporates various selfdiagnostic programs to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting, reporting any possible problems it might suffer. The results are displayed on the Data Terminal Equipment(DTE). These functions allow for easy maintenance and more reliability. In addition, automatic testing for performance verification and commissioning via the satellite channel is also available.

Imageļ¼šSelf diagnosis