Inmarsat-C for GMDSS JUE-85

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Name Inmarsat C Mobile Earth Station
Model JUE-85
Inmarsat type approved
Class of Inmarsat C MES Class 2
Internally Mounted Equipment(IME) and Externally Mounted Equipment(EME)
Model – IME NTF-781GM
Model – EME NAF-741GM (including pole mounting bracket)
Frequency TX 1626.5MHz - 1646.5MHz
RX 1530.0MHz - 1545.0MHz
GPS 1575.2 MHz ±1MHz
Channel spacing 5KHz
G/T -23.7dB/K minimum
E.I.R.P. within 14 ±2dBW (at 5° angle)
Modulation TX and RX: 1200 symbols/sec BPSK
Data rate TX and RX: 600bps
Antenna type: helical, pattern: hemisphere, polarisation: right hand circular
Power supply voltage DC 24V(+19.2V to +31.2V)
Power consumption transmission 100W, standby time 15W
Ambient condition EME: -35°C +55°C
IME: -15°C +55°C
Storage temperature -40°C +80°C
Relative humidity +40°C up to 95%
Icing up to 25mm (EME)
Precipitation 100mm/hour (EME)
Wind up to 100 knots
Vibration as specified by Inmarsat
Data Terminal Equipment(DTE)
Model NDZ-227
Memory backup 24 hours or more
Power supply voltage DC 24V
Power consumption 0.9A
Model NKG-800
Line interface parallel
Power supply DC 24V (+19.2V to +31.2V)
Power consumption approx. 35W
Power supply
Model NBD-843A
Line voltage AC 100/200 V, DC 24V
Line voltage selection AC 90 to 126.5/180 to 253V
DC 19.2 to 31.2V
Output DC 24V, 6.9A max
Optional items
Remote distress button NQE-887C (for IMO vessels 1 unit is required)
Buzzer box NCE-6255A
Remote data terminal NDZ-227
DTE Mounting Bracket MPBP31721
Keyboard for remote data terminal NDF-369
Security button NQE-3154
Junction box extension NQA-4281

Externally Mounted Equipment・Pole mounting bracket

Image:Externally Mounted Equipment・Pole mounting bracket

Internally Mounted Equipment

Image:Internally Mounted Equipment

Data Terminal Equipment・Keyboard・Printer

Image:Data Terminal Equipment・Keyboard・Printer

AC/DC Power Supply

Image:AC/DC Power Supply


  • Externally Mounted Equipment(EME)
  • Internally Mounted Equipment (IME)
  • Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)
  • (Display and Keyboard)*
  • Printer(+roll paper)
  • AC/DC Switching Power Supply
  • Pole mounting bracket
  • Cables
  • Supplied parts
  • Spare parts
  • Instruction Manual(English)
  • Installation Manual
  • Operation Guide


Which cables? Std.
EME to IME 30m
DTE to IME 1.5m
DTE to Printer 1.5m
Power supply to IME 2m
Power supply to Printer 2m
Power supply to DTE 2m

*Excluding bracket