Inmarsat-C for GMDSS JUE-85

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About the Inmarsat C system

JRC JUE-85 Inmarsat C is a digital satellite communication system whereby anything that can be encoded into digital format, whether text, numeric data from instruments or other information can be sent and received over the system. A simple user interface allows sending and receiving messages.

Store and forward messages

The Inmarsat C system is known as a store-and-forward messaging system. When sending a ship-to-shore message, it is edited on the Data Terminal Equipment(DTE) and then transmitted in a series of data packets to an Inmarsat C land earth station (LES). The LES acts as an interface (or gateway) between the satellite and the telecommunications network on land. The LES stores the data packets, assembles them into a single message and forwards it (hence the term store-and-forwarding) over the telecommunication network to its addressed destination.

Distress alert

Your vessels ID, position, course ,speed, date and time is acquired either manually or from a GNSS receiver, such as GPS, allowing you to send a distress alert simply by pressing and holding the dedicated built-in distress button.

Imageļ¼šDistress alert

Enhanced Group Calling (EGC)

JRC total Inmarsat C solution incorporates a special capability known as Enhanced Group Calling (EGC), which enables authorised information providers to broadcast international safety and commercial service messages to selected groups of ships. EGC is available as standard on the JUE-85 Mobile Earth Station(MES).

Two EGC services are availableĀ 

The EGC SafetyNET - is the international safety service, which broadcasts maritime safety information, such as meteorological and hydrographic messages to all ships in certain geographical areas.
EGC FleetNET - is the international commercial service, it is a subscription service, and allows shipping companies or governments to broadcast messages to selected groups of vessels.