Inmarsat FleetBroadband:JUE-250

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Who‘s it for?

The JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250 terminal is the latest in a long line of Inmarsat maritime products from Japan Radio Company (JRC). JRC has a rich heritage in maritime satellite communications, dating back to the world's first Marisat terminal (JUE-5A) in 1975, followed by a successful history through the Inmarsat alphabet.

In keeping pace with the internet revolution, this newest member of JRC's highly successful Fleet family products, the JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250 has the potential to alter the way mariners and vessels communicate, just as terrestrial broadband has changed the way people use the internet.

Backed by the power of Inmarsat's satellites, the JUE-250 combines the reliability of Fleet with a range of new features that make it unique in the sector. For the first time users can make voice calls while simultaneously maintaining one or more high-speed data connections, providing a significant improvement in both operational efficiency and the convenience of officers and crew.

By integrating the JUE-250 onboard, a captain would be able to use FleetBroadband to talk to his port agent while simultaneously perform a host of other duties, from updating weather information, route planning to maintaining the crew morale by enabling them to call and email with family and loved ones or to browse the internet - a degree of flexibility never before possible.

In addition, it allows users to send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters, a feature that is proven popular with crew who are used of texting from their GSM mobiles while on shore.

Fishing vessels are often the first to adopt advanced new marine electronics. Life at sea revolves around the weather and how big the catch will be. Needless to say getting the best possible price can mean the difference between making a profit or not when a catch is landed, thus vital for the fisherman is viewing the latest fish market prices online, call or send digital images of the catch to onshore agents allows them to estimate fish quality and value - all before getting back to port.

Vessels will be effectively transformed into a broadband floating office, with simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data, along with fax and SMS capabilities, providing crew with an enhanced quality of life which in turn delivers a positive impact on staff retention and acquisition.

With the new JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250, JRC is able to meet the demanding requirements - whether to support crew communications, or to explore new ways of working and enhance operational efficiency, and all in a highly cost-effective manner.