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Upgrade path™


One of the most innovative and useful aspects of the new JUE-250 FleetBroadband FB250 for existing JRC customers will be the ability to re-use parts of the communications system in place when upgrading to FleetBroadband. Existing users with an JUE-33 Fleet 33 installed onboard need only replace the below deck unit to upgrade to the FB250 - keeping the same antenna and same cabling that is already installed on the vessel.

This unique, cost-effective feature will provide a seamless transition - all via a single main unit upgrade.


JRC’s JUE-250 terminal has been developed for maximum flexibility. It features a reliable industry standard interfacing field that can be integrated with navigational equipment. No gyro or GPS input is required and by having JRC's proven no cable unwrap system integrated, operational efficiency is guaranteed. This below deck unit enables users to have optimal connectivity no matter what the conditions or your position at sea.


JRC's JUE-250 is a dedicated compact solution, which shares the same simple configuration as the JUE-33 Fleet 33, allowing for an easy setup. This concept also reduces the installation costs as only a single coax cable will be used between the antenna and the below deck unit. This next-generation service is for the new-build and retrofit markets and is available as a full system or an upgrade path™. It is also possible to connect your own supplied hardware, such as a computer and fax.


Inmarsat has been the leading communication provider of satellite services for nearly 30 years, playing an integral role in the lives of seafarers. The Inmarsat Fleet services and JRC terminals have become the standard for deep-sea ships. Now, Inmarsat enhances its maritime portfolio with the launch of FleetBroadband and together with JRC's next-generation solution we can deliver reliable communications and safety services, contributing to the operational efficiency of vessel and crew.


The map depicts Inmarsat’s expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending on various conditions. The launch date of the F-3 satellite will be determined in due course. FleetBroadband coverage May 2007.