250W/500W/800W MF/HF RADIO EQUIPMENT JSS-296/596/896

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Specifications / Components


Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 27.5MHz (100Hz steps)
Receive: 0.1 to 29.9999MHz (100Hz steps)
Frequency tolerance ±10Hz or better
Emission mode J3E (TEL), F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A (CW), H2B,H3E (AME: reception only)
User definable channels 200ch (20ch X 10 Groups)
Preset ITU channels 1722ch [ TEL:283, DSC:29, TLX:891, CW:519 ]
Scanning channel 20 user defined channels
Communication mode Simplex and semi-duplex
Antenna impedance 50 ohms
Operating temperature -15 to +55deg.C
Power requirement 296 : 90 to 132VAC/ 180 to 264VAC, Single-phase, 50/60Hz
596/896 : 180 to 264VAC, Single-phase, 50/60Hz

296 : Tx:2.0kVA max, Rx:0.5kVA max
596 : Tx:3.0kVA max, Rx:0.5kVA max
896 : Tx:3.5kVA max, Rx:0.5kVA max
21.6 to 31.2VDC
Tx: 30A max, Rx:7A max
Compass safe distance 1.5m
Output power (*) AC power source:
296: 200Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 250Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
596: 400Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 500Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
896: 400Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 800Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
DC power source:
100Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 150Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
Occupied bandwidth J3E (TEL) 3kHz or better
F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A (CW) 0.5kHz or better

(*) at 10Ω+250pF Artificial antenna for1.6 to 4MHz
at 50Ω Artificial antenna for 4 to 27.5MHz

Receiving system Triple superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies 70.455MHz, 455kHz, 20.217kHz
Sensitivity (SINAD 20dB) J3E (TEL) 6.3uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz)
3.5uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)
F1B (DSC/TLX) 1.8uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz)
1.0uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)
Selectivity J3E (TEL) 6dB bandwidth 2.4 to 3kHz,
66dB bandwidth Within ±2.1kHz
F1B (DSC/TLX) 6dB bandwidth 270 to 300Hz,
60dB bandwidth Within ±550Hz
Clarifier range ±200Hz in 1Hz steps
Receiving frequencies 2187.5kHz, 4207.5kHz, 6312kHz, 8414.5kHz, 12577kHz, 16804.5kHz
Receiving system Double superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies 40.455MHz, 455kHz
Reception mode F1B
Sensitivity Symbol error rate of 1% or better at 1 micro-volt input
Frequency stability Within ±10Hz after 1-minute warm-up
DSC MODEM Communications protocol In conformity with ITU-RM.493 and M.541
Emission F1B 100 baud
Memory capacity Received Distress messages: 20
Received Other messages: 20
Transmitted message: 11
NBDP MODEM Communications protocol In conformity with ITU-RM.476, M.490, M.491, M.492, M.625 and ITU-T Rec. F130
Emission F1B 100 baud
Frequency range 1.6 to 30MHz
Power capability NFC-296: 250Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 300Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
NFC-896: 500Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 1000Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
Tuning method Automatic tuning and preset tuning
Operating temperature -25 to +55deg.C
Charging current 20A (Ordinary charge)
10A (Equalizing charge)
Alarm function Charge / Low voltage / High voltage alarm
Controlled item NBDP function (Control the DSC/ NBDP Terminal)

Standard Components

Component Model Q'ty Remarks
MF/HF Radiotelephone JSB-196GM 1
Included Accessories Hand Set NQW-213 1 L=1m
Power Cable 7ZCJD0043A 1
Plug 5JCAS00029 1
Connecter 5JJAJ00034 2 14-8
Terminals 5JDAH00084 2 40A
Spare Fuse 5ZFEX00013 4
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0124 1 English
Included Accessories Power Cable 7ZCJD0139 1 L=3m
AF Cable 7ZCJD0071 1 L=1.5m
Control Cable 7ZCJD0072A 1 L=1.5m
Terminals 5JTCD00220 2 1.25-8
Spare Fuse 5ZFCK00001 4 7.5A
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0156A 1 English
Quick Reference 7ZPJD0157 1 English
GMDSS Operation Guide 7ZPJD0135 1 English
Data Terminal NDZ-227 1
Keyboard NDF-369 1
Antenna Tuner NFC-296/896 1
Power Amplifier NAH-692/695/698 1 Built-in Battery Charger
692: 250W, 695: 500W, 698: 800W


Component Model Q'ty Remarks
GMDSS Console NCU-331E/F/G 1 Standard console for
JSS-296/596/896 and inmarsat-C
GMDSS Console NCU-324E/F/G 1 Desk top console for
JSS-296/596/896 and inmarsat-C
GMDSS Console NCU-1960 1 Desk top console for JSS-296/596/896
Hand Microphone NVT-133 1 Straight Cable(L=5m)
Hand Microphone NVT-140 1 Curl Cable
Handset Holder MPBP00127A 1
AF Cable 7ZCJD0073 1 For NCT-196N(L=0.3m)
Control Cable 7ZCJD0074A 1 For NCT-196N(L=0.3m)
Printer NKG-800 1 For NCT-196N
DTE Mounting
MPBP31721 1 For NDZ-227 Desk Top mounting
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0162A 1 English for JSS-296/596/896