250W/500W/800W MF/HF RADIO EQUIPMENT JSS-296/596/896

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The JSS-296/596/896 MF/HF Radio Equipment is completely complied with GMDSS requirements to apply the vessel navigating A2, A3 and A4 sea area. This is an optimum and composite system with not only compact and lightweight design, but superior performance and highly efficient ensuring easy operation for distress and safety calling as well as general communication.


Fully Complies with GMDSS Requirements

All the functions required by IMO resolutions A.804 (19) and A.806 (19) are equipped, and suitable for radio installations of vessels navigating A2, A3 and A4 sea areas.

Built-in Battery charger

The Battery charger is built in PA unit and does not need another Battery charger.

Self Diagnostic Function

A Built-in high grade self diagnostic function centrally controlled using JSB-196GM Radiotelephone ensures easy maintenance.

Built-in Dummy Load for ATU Selfcheck

The dummy load for checking the NFC-296/896 Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) is built-in and not required to connect as extra unit.

Outdoor Installable Antenna Tuning Unit

The NFC-296 Antenna Tuning Unit can be installed outdoors such as on deck, ensuring effective emission of transmitter power.

High visibility Color LCD data terminal

The data terminal adopts a 10.4-inch high-visibility color LCD display and preset color patterns of our marine navigation equipment.

Easy operation with JOG dial

Single large control dial makes it easy to change settings and operating frequency.