Chart Radar JMA-900M Series

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Image:JMA-900M Series

The chart radar is a harmonized system with ECDIS. All nautical information necessary is in "One" display, which efficiently prevents human error, caused by grounding or collision. This solution would be utilized to monitor information relevant to maneuvering, navigation route, ship condition, and so on.


  • Compliance with IMO performance standards
    The X / S-band, 2-unit / 3-unit, 25 / 30kW conforms to IMO performance standards.
  • 23.1-inch color TFT display with high resolution.
  • Enhanced Performance and Functionality
  • Effective monitoring to prevent collision and grounding
  • System construction featuring easy operation
  • ARPA function: auto-acquisition and tracking up to 50 targets
  • High sensitivity scanner
  • Full Inter-switch Function (Option)
  • Self-diagnostic / program capacity
  • Bridge system accommodation