10-inch Multifunction Colour Radar JMA-5100 series

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Image:JMA-5100 series

The JMA-5100 series RADAR is designed with three components that are a 10.4-inch high visible TFT color LCD display, processor unit and dedicated keyboard. Therefore this provides superior operation and installation environment and layout that is matched with your needs. This will also invites you comfortable and safety navigation with high performance as if this were arpa/radar.


Worthy choice of Quality & Inovation
Combining the best features from the most popular JRC radars

Designed for Flexibility

  • Four unit configuration: Processor, keyboard, Display and Antenna
  • Variable vertical or horizontal screen
  • Flush-mount or Console-mount installation available
  • Small size black box (processor)

To use jog-dial and trackball makes operation very easy

Target trail time can be displayed and recorded simultaneously in two formats
(equiped with background trail function)

TScale has large off-center function
(90% or more, 4x range display compared to normal)

Direct connection to PC plotter

"Radar System Data (RSD)," "Tracked Target Message (TTM*)," and "Own Ship Data (OSD)" output directly to the PC.
*TTM with optional MARPA installation.

GPS compass direct input, NSK unit connectivity <option>

Full control of antenna from second station <option>

New MARPA, Automatic Tracking Device - "ATD" - Semi ATA function <option>

  • Greater performance by using the ARPA algorithm applied to large radars
  • Manual acquisition of 10 targets, target numbers automatically assigned

High-speed rotation (4ft/6kW) <option>

Dedicated LCD display unit meets IPX5 waterproofing, vibration specifications IEC60945...adjustable brightness level for night sailing / fishing