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  • Superb target detection and simple operation
  • Sharp, blur-free display in stabilized course-up mode
  • Radar-plotter combined mode suited for coastal navigation
  • Most advanced radar designed to IMO-ATA/EPA


RADAR/ATA MODE (ATA function is an option.)

Superb target detection

Small targets in short to long ranges can be clearly detected and displayed.The latest signal processing technology provides improved performance in sea clutter and rain/snow clutter, ensuring an extremely easy-to-see radar display.

Stabilized course-up mode (Stabilized relative bearing display)

In the stabilized course-up mode, the radar presents no blurred echo due to the ship's turning or yawing,but a sharp echo video.

One-touch operation by presetting parameters

Various parameters to match the sea situation are preset in the radar, so that the user can be released from complicated adjustment against sea and rain/snow clutter. The optimum video is available by one-button operation.

Designed to IMO-ATA/EPA

By fitting it with the optional ARPA unit (NCA-840), the radar can be operated as an ATA-specified ARPA (automatic radar plotting aid) system that enables automatic tracking of up to 30 targets.

Ship's trail display (trail afterimage memory)

The movements of other ships can be monitored at a glance by display of real-time trails and afterimage trails.

Easy operation

The operability of the radar is substantially improved by using a track ball and large control knobs for EBL (electronic bearing line) and VRM (variable range marker).

RADAR/PLOTTER-COMBINED MODE (Plotter function is on option )

In the radar/plotter-combined mode, synthetic displays such as coastlines and other marks and symbols are overlaid on the radar video, so that all necessary navigational information can be displayed on a single screen. This combined mode is effective, especially in coastal navigation and entering or leaving a port.

Overlay display of coastlines on radar video

By inserting the JRC coastline ROM card into the equipment, coastlines and depth contour lines can be overlaid on the radar video. This function can be used effectively not only in coastal navigation and entering or leaving a port, but also very useful to prevent the ship from stranding.

Display of own ship's trac

Own ship's track can be displayed in 7 colors and its memory capacity is 20,000 dots. This function is very effective to record own ship's tracks and for safety of navigation.

PLOTTER MODE (Plotter function is an option.)

Highly accurate position fixing by DGPS

A JRC DGPS or GPS receiver can be connected directly to the radar equipment in order to fix the highly accurate own ship's positions.

Coastline ROM

The coastline ROM stores names of places, navigational marks and signs, and depth contour lines. The detailed data as is equivalent to a chart can be displayed on the 15-inch high-resolution CRT display.

Navigational data

The navigational data made up by the user can be stored in the internal memory with the capacity of 20,000 dots including own ship's track. This data will be useful for safe navigation and data management for ship maneuvering.

Instant switching of up to 10 scales

In the plotter mode, 10-step scales preprogrammed independently from rader ranges can be selectively displayed. The smooth and continuous scaling of 1/1,000 to 1/10,000,000 are also available.


Display of other ship's trail

The ATA/Plotter function (option) enables the tracks of up to 10 other ships to be displayed by thin lines in 7 different colors with up to 800-dot tracks per ship. So the movements of other ships can be monitored at a glance.

Route setting for safety of navigation

Up to 10 routes can be preset, and alarms for cross-track-error and arrival at destination can also be displayed. This function is different from the normal plotter mode and own ship can be maneuvered while monitoring the movements of other ships on the radar screen.

*In operation in the combined mode, it is required to connect the radar to other navigational equipment such as a GPS receiver and a gyrocompass .