Color Plotter JLZ-700

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The JLZ-700 Plotter is designed with three components that are a 10.4-inch high visible TFT color LCD display, processor unit and dedicated keyboard. Therefore this provides superior operation and installation environment and layout that is matched with your needs. This plotter is capable to utilize electronic charts released from C-MAPR, and then it provides comfortable navigation.


Navigational and operational information can be seen clearly on the same screen.

Detailed coastline information with geographical names

The detailed coastline information includes landmarks such as geographic names,allowing easy check on own ship's current position and fishing grounds.

Display of various types of information

Various types of information including the topographic features of sea bottoms, user data on fishing grounds and navigational information can be displayed using JRC's unique marks, symbols and lines such as for example, for a fish-breeding reef, sunken ship, sea bottom topology or prohibited district.

Flexible display operation

The display can be enlarged, scaled or scrolled easily at high speed. While watching the coastlines and fishing ground data, you can search for a target fishing ground swiftly.

Easy entry by trackball

The cursor operation using a trackball allows any mark or symbol to be entered on the display in an easy way.

JRC DGPS receiver connectable

A JRC differential GPS receiver that is optionally available can be connected directly to the JLZ-700 plotter to ensure the positioning with a high accuracy of several meters.

Direct connect ion to JRC JMA-3800 and JMA-3900 series Radars

C-MAP NT+ is available

Three component configuration:Processor,Keyboard and Display

10.4" Color LCD (640x480 VGA)display meets IPX5 waterproofing, vibration specifications IEC60945

Display unit monitor swivels and tilts for easy viewing with variable illumination setting for personal preference

Second display capability with one processor using optional RGB Video output (CAD-239)