DGPS RECEIVER DGPS 212/212W(Capable of WAAS Correction)

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Image:DGPS 212/212W

Inter differential beacon receiver, 12-channel parallel for receving satellites simultaneously,conversion to NMEA0183 output. DGPS212W model is enable to take WAAS Correction.


Internal WAAS receiver(DGPS 212W)

The DGPS212W includes a WAAS receiver. By Using WAAS you can achieve precise position.

Internal Differential Beacon Receiver

The DGPS 212 includes a Beacon Receiver and a GPS Receiver.
By using DGPS you can achieve true DGPS accuracy.

12-Channel Parallel for Receiving 12 Satellites Simultaneously

The DGPS 212 is designed to simultaneously receive from 12 orbiting satellites, ensuring the most accurate positioning.

Quick Position Fixing

Typically 45 seconds for first position fixing without GPS almanac data.

Conversion to NMEA183 Output

Since the NMEA0183 output data is changeable between version 1.5 and version 2.1 you can connect the DGPS 212 to various Marine Electronics Equipment such as Marine Radars, Fishfinders, Plotters, or others.

PPS Signal Output

The DGPS 212 outputs a pulse per second which coincides with UTC second precisely. It can be used as a precise clock.