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Tidal current
Current speed 0 - 9.9kt
Current direction 360°,numeric and Rhumb (32 compass points) display
Measured layer Absolute three layers, relative two layers (three layers can be measured in relative current mode)
Measured depth 2 - 100m or more(70% or less of the depth)
(Note)The measured depth may vary depending on sea conditions.
Depth setting Arbitrary at 2 - 200m
Reference Doppler or GPS
Ship speed
Ahead-astern -10.0 - 30.0 kt
Starboard-port -9.9 - 9.9Kt
Bearing display 360°
Measured depth Relative to ground : 2 -- 250m, relative to water : 15m deep or more (simultaneous display of depths relative to ground and water)
(Note) The measured depth may vary depending on sea or sea bottom conditions.
Other Manual sea bottom tracking system
Display 15 inch color LCD
Display mode Tidal current, ship speed, fish school, progress and ship's trail
Numeric display Current direction/speed (absolute three layers, relative two layers), measured depth, ship speed relative to ground/ship course, ship speed relative to water/ship course, compass direction, distance, ahead-astern ship speed/starboard-port ship speed, trip distance or time, depth, water temperature
Graphic display Absolute tidal current vector, relative tidal current vector, ship speed vector, temperature graph, FishFinder echo display, alarm ringer
  Current speed, ship speed, distance, timer, temperature
Input/Output Signals
Inputs 1) Bearing data (NMEA0183), signal name [COMPASS IN]
$_ _HDT, $_ _VHW, $_ _HDM, $_ _HDG
2) Latitude/longitude data (NMEA0183), signal name [GPS IN]
$_ _RMC, $_ _GGA, $_ _GLL, $_ _VTG
3) Water temperature data (NMEA0183), signal name [TEMP IN]
$_ _MTW
4) Interference rejection triggers, signal name [TRIG1, TRIG2]
Outputs 1) Ship speed/current data (NMEA0183 Ver2.3/3.0),
signal name [NMEA OUT] (1 port)
Note : Only when lat/long data $_ _RMC is entered from any
external equipment, $VDHDT: True bearing
Note : Only when bearing data $_ _HDT is entered from any
external equipment:
2) distance-run contact signals: 200 pulses/nm
Signal name [200P1 -- 200P6] (6 ports)
3) JRC format signals, signal name [UART1, UART2]
Power supply
  20V - 32.4V DC, 300VA or less
Operating temperature
  -15 to +55degC
Transmitting frequency


Standard Components

Components Model Quanity Weight Remarks
Color LCD Display Unit NWZ-164 1 5kg
Keyboard NCH-595 1 1kg
Signal Procesor NJC-23C 1 23kg
Transducer Unit CFT-067 1 25kg Inch.25m cable


Components Model Quanity Weight Remarks
Hull-bottom installation
NKF-765 1 kit 27kg For wooden or FRP hull bottom
Hull-bottom installation
NKF-766T 1 kit 95kg For iron hull bottom
LCD bracket MPBX 42944 1 kit
Sun shade MPOL 30369 1 kit