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Image : JHS-32B

The JHS-32B VHF radiotelephone is designed as one of the VHF radio facilities that meet the carriage requirements for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).


The JHS-32B VHF radiotelephone can be easily installed not only in the conventional ships (all passenger ships and the cargo ships of over 300 gross tons engaged in international navigation) but also in the non-conventional ships of over 100 gross tons because it is designed so compact and light weight.
Besides the usual radiotelephone function, the JHS-32B VHF radiotelephone is equipped with digital selective calling (DSC) function for distress and general routine communications. The JHS-32B incorporates all the necessary units for the DSC service, such as the DSC unit, the CH70 DSC Watchkeeping Receiver, and the power supply.