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Specifications / Components


Display type 14-inch high-definition color CRT with a resolution of 640 x 480 dots
Color display Selectable from 6 sets of 16 colors, 2sets of 8 colors, one set of 16 or 8user-specified colors and monochrome, and 4 background colors
Variable from push button
Display modes Standard (full screen)
Dual-split (vertical or horizontal)
Partial enlargement (single/dual-frequency)
Bottom lock enlargement (single/dual-frequency)
Dual frequency mix mode
Temperature graph *1, bottom hardness (BH) graph, water depth graph
A scope-at the right side of display
Power supply 20 to 45 VDC (24V/32V)
Echo Sounding Functions
Echo Display
Manual Six (6) ranges presettable from keyboard or continuously variable by Up and Down keys in the sounding ranges
Standard 10-3000 meters
Partial 5-500 meters
Bottom lock 1-100 meters
Auto Automatically set so as to display the sea button within the range
Shift Manual Presettable from push button, 0 to 1500 units
Auto Automatically set so as to display the sea button with in the shift
Depth unit Metres, fathoms, feet and any other selectable value unit
Depth marker Marker scale with alphanumeric readings at the right end of display
Bottom depth Numerical indication on display
Cursor Horizontal-depth (same as VRM)
Vertical-time or distance *2
Alarms Fish Adjustable in the normal maximum range + 1500 units in threshold level
Water temp Adjustable from -5° to +40° , or by parameters from push button *1
4 frames of pictures
Compressed mode Display time selectable from 15 min, 30 min, 1hr, 2 hr and 4 hrs
Distance/Time mark Distance 0.1 nm-steos; time 1-min steps *2
Interface rejection Adjustable in three steps and off, or by fine adjustment of sounding rate or frequency
Draft control Presettable in 0.1 unit from 1 to 20 units via menu
Scan speed Normal 2/1, 1/1, 1/2E1/8 or scans/sounding synchronized log *3
Frequencies 200/75/50/28kHz, single or dual
Transmitter power Selectable from 1kW, 3kW, 5kW(option), 10kW(option).
5kW/10kW needs an high-power transmitter unit
Other Functions
Note: The CQD-1185 Terminal Board is needed for connection with optional equipment
except for GPS and water depth sensors and RGB output.
Depth data output NMEA0183 or JRC format and NDF-167 navigational interface
Net sonde
Fish echo
video output RGB output
Video monitor Up to 2 units connectable
Position, water
input NMEA0183 format, 1CH each
Water temp interface Included (for CHG-97)
Notes:*1 With water temp. data input or sensor connected.
*2 Distance with log or navigator connected.
*3 With log or navigator connected.


Item Model Q'ty Remarks
Echo Sounder JFV-250 1 With vinyl cover
Transducer Unit NKP-XX-XX 1 X=metal fittings marks of frequency and output power
Spare Parts 6ZXBS00167 1Set
Instruction Manual 6ZPBS01549 1copy


Item Model Remarks
High Power Tx Unit NAL-050 5kW
NAL-100 10kW
NAL-505 5/5kW
NAL-510 5/10kW
NAL-999 10/10kW
CQD-1185 For optional unit (excl. GPS and water temp. sensor)
Rectifier Unit NBA-3263 or NBA-3747A Input: 100/110/220V AC
Output: 24V DC, 6A
Water Temp.
GPS Sensor GPS-100  
DGPS Sensor DGPS-200  
Color Printer NJW-163 A4 size


Output power 1kw 3kw 5kw 10kw
Frequency (kHz) 200 75 50 28 200 75 50 28 75 50 28 50 28
Transmitter Internal High Power Tx Unit(option)
Transducer Unit Single Frequency Selectable Single or Dual Frequency