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The JFV-250 is a 14-inch high resolution color echo sounder using the most up-to-data ultrasonics and microcomputer technology based on JRC's professional experience in fishing electronics.



The newest model of the JFV series feature an new transducer, high resolution color display, ease of operation and other advanced functions that are most convenient for fishing operations.


Clear Display

  • The 14-inch color display has a higher resolution of 640 ÁE480 dots than the conventional models, offering more precise, clearer images with higher definition.
  • Color display is selectable from 6 sets of 16 colors, 2 sets of 8 colors, one set of 16 or user-specified colors, and monochrome. Background color is selectable from 4 colors.
  • The 16-color display presents fine, precise echo images, enabling fish density presumption. The user color set can be specified to highlight desired echoes depending on the fish types or the fish ground.

Simple Operation

  • Simplified arrangement of switches and controls on the operating panel. The function keys and switches that had been rarely used has been eliminated.
  • Display modes can easily be changed by switches.
  • Additional functions can be selected from menu display and executed by one-touch key-in operation.
  • By pushing "CUSTOM" key, the display easily returns to the mode normally used.

Sharp Display of Surface Fish and Bottom Fish

  • Even tiny fish or small fish schools in the surface layer or on the sea-bed can be clearly discriminated. B
  • Tiny fish among planktons in the surface water can be clearly detected and distinctly displayed by the FM pulse beam transmission technique unique to JRV.
  • The high power output of 10kW (option) is suited for deep sea sounding.
  • A 16-color display with bottom enlargement enables sharp discrimination of bottom fish schools from the sea-bed.


  • A-Scope Display
    Fish echoes are clearly displayed in 16 colors with echo signal intensity.
  • Fish Type Definition
    The dual-frequency mode is suitable for fish type definition.
  • Water Temperature Graph (with Alarm)
    A water temperature graph can be displayed with a fish echo display on the same screen by using an optional water temperature sensor.
  • 4-Screen Image Memory
    Up to 4 pictures can be stored in the internal memory for recording of fish ground spots.
  • Video Compression
    Echo images for up to 4 hours can be displayed in a compressed mode on a signal screen.
  • Ship's Position Display (Option)
    The ship's Position can be indicated on the screen by connecting an optional GPS sensor.
  • Wireless Remote Control (Option)
    An wireless remote control unit is optionally available.