Two-frequency Color Scanning Sonar JFS-3721

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The JFS-3721 is a two-frequency scanning sonar that makes search operations much easier and more effective whether the targets of a search are nearby or at a distance.



The JFS-3721 is a color scanning sonar with two-frequency. This is utilized as a response to the fishing needs of large and medium size tuna and bonito clippers. This sonar makes it much easier to locate and identify schools of fish.

The JFS-3721 is an ideal sonar capable of detecting schools of fish, whether those shcools are nearby or further away at distance. The feature is enabled with both performance of high-output low-frequency and high-frequency obtaining clear and high-resolution echo image.

With a two-frequency transducer and compact transceiver, this JFS-3721 sonar takes up less space than previous equipment because it requires only a single hoisting device. This feature also makes the equipment easier to install.

The device offers the advantages of two dedicated low-frequency and high-frequency indicators that display a variety of information such as ship speed, the course of the vessel, and its location. This capability will make fishing operations more efficient than ever.


Clearer imaging

The advanced image processing technology produces clearer images and renders the distribution and density of fish schools easily.

Easier operation

Optimal imaging can be obtained using the “Fish response switch” despite changes in the area of the water being surveyed and oceanic conditions.

More compact: less space required for installation

By using a two-frequency transducer, only a single hoisting device is needed, which effectively reduces the total space required for an installation. In addition, existing tank holes can be used when making the switch to this two-frequency sonar.

External noise suppression

The use of a transducer unit with a maximum stroke of 1,600mm substantially reduces noise caused by the bubble effect and other external noise generated as the ship cruises.