Color Scanning Sonar JFS-3381

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The JFS-3381 is a sonar which is particularly easy to use. Its sharpness of images, increased detection range and high resolving power have been achieved by the adoption of the large-scale transducer and the latest signal processing technology.



Clearly defined and highly colorful image plus high resolving power have been made possible by the use of new signal and image processing technology so that it has become easier to find fish school distribution and density.
The images are sharp and clearly discernible due to decrease in noise generated by the reflections from the sea surface.


Simplified operation

The transceiver can be set in an optimum condition by only operating the IMAGE switch, even when search area and sea conditions are changed. The registered conditions can be restored by simply touching the custom switch.

High sensitivity large-scale transducer

The detection range is greatly extended with the adoption of the high sensitivity large-scale transducer and the high power transmission circuit.

Reduced external noise

The use of a transducer unit with a maximum stroke of 1600 mm substantially reduces the bubbles effect and other external noise during cruising.

Various functions

It is provided with various functions including JRC's unique sectional images combination display, sound detection image display, fish shoal quantity display and automatic tracking function.

Small size and easy installation

The transceiver is small, light in weight and its assembled on the hull unit along with the transducer to make the system, along with the display, a 2-unit configuration, which enables easier installation.