Color Scanning Sonar JFS-3380

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Specifications / Components


Item Model Q'ty Remarks
Display Unit NWU-179E 1 with cover
Transducer Unit NKF-3300 or
1 900mm-sroke
Transceiver Unit NTB-10 1 Assembled into the transducer unit
Spare parts 6ZXBS00172
Instruction Manual 6ZPBS02614 1


Display type PPI display by 14-inch color CRT.
Display color 15 colors for signal levels.
Range and
pulse width
Range manual 14 stages setting in 125m to 3,200m ranges.
Pulse width 1 to 32ms. (range interlocked)
(Detection may not be available depending on a target (fish shoal) or sea condition.)
Display modes (1) Normal.
(2) Off center.
(3) Horizontal plane + Cross-section image.
(4) Horizontal plane + Audible sound image.
(5) Horizontal plane + Fish finder image.
By using the section display position marker, the section to be determined by tilt angle automatic control range of a given distance and azimuth can be displayed together with the horizontal image.
Markers Own ship, heading, cursor, sound detection azimuth, north*, wake*, event, fish shoal , fish shoal quantity, tidal current vector*, 8-point compass direction*, sectional display position.
value display
Range, sensitivity, tilt angle, cursor information (horizontal distance, azimuth, vertical distance), fish shoal information (horizontal distance, azimuth, vertical distance), ship's speed*, course*, depth of water*, temperature of water*, tidal current (3 layers)*, ship's position (latitude and longitude)*.
Other functions (1) Screen image recording and replay.
(2) Display/non-display changeover (wake, marker, numerical figure display).
(3) Incorporating interference rejector, signal processor, clutter elimination circuits.
(4) Tilting angle automatic control.
(5) Transmitter power reduction (continuously variable).
(6) Automatic tracking*
(7) Fish shoal quantity display.
(8) Fish shoal alarm.
(9) "CUSTOM" key.
Manual turning sound detection.
Automatic turning sound detection, Automatic turning (oscillating) width. 20/40/80/120° changeover.Built-in speaker output 1kHz 2W.
External input Gyrocompass (synch./step signal/NMEA format).
Speed log (distance counter signal/NMEA format).
Tidal current meter (JRC format).
Water thermometer (NMEA format/JRC format).
Navigation equipment (NMEA/JRC format).
Frequency Either one frequency of 28/32L/32H/45kH
Tilt-scan range -5° to +60° electronic tilting.
detection range
360°around electronic scanning.
900mm (NKF-3300).
1600mm (NKF-3301).
Power supply 100VAC 50/60Hz single-phase: 800VA.
220VAC 50/60Hz, single-phase: 1.5kVA (when the transducer extruding and retracting).
Note) In order to use *marked function and display, it is necessary to make connection with the external sensors such as navigation equipment.
Note) The fish shoal quantity display is the function to display a relative strength of echo in figures.