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Model JFP-180
Sonar type searchlight sonar
Frequency 180 kHz
Range 20 to 2000 m (8 selectable ranges: 12 to 1600 br/fm and 80 to 6000 ft)
Sonar mode (angle) 5°, 25°, 45°, 85°, 125°, 165°, 205°, 360° (5° step)
10°, 30°, 50°, 90°, 130°, 170°, 210°, 360° (10° step)
Bottom-scan mode (angle) 3°, 27°, 45°, 63°, 93°, 117°, 147°, 177° (3° step)
5°, 25°, 45°, 65°, 95°, 115°, 145°, 175° (5° step)
Bearing center 5° step
Tilt angle -90° to +5° (1° step)
Display modes sonar mode, off-center mode, bottom-scan mode, sounder mode
Data display range, range scale, tilt angle, tilt angle diagram
sector angle display, bearing angle, interference reduction
ring marker (historical distance, slant distance, depth)
cross cursor (bearing, historical distance, slant distance, depth)
1)compass display, 1)wake display, 1)ship’s speed, latitude/longitude
gain up, TVG graph, colour scale, temperature, scan display (2 types)
own ship’s position, VRM, depth (on detecting just below the vessel)
Other functions operation modes (3 types), off-center, mark, train correct
target lock (in searchlight mode), temperature adjustment
pulse width, colour palette, gain control, TVG control, dynamic range
threshold control, output power reduction, external trigger synchronisation
trigger signal output, hoist sensor lamp, hoist auto up, audio output
gain, far gain, panel brightness control, day/night
1)Inputs NMEA0183 (GLL, GGA, VTG), trigger signal, remote controller
1)Outputs latitude/longitude for target, VGA, trigger signal, audio
Power supply DC 20-30V, 24W
Hull unit
Frequency 180 kHz
Hoist stroke 200 to 400 mm
Hoist time 10 sec (400 mm stroke, 24V power supply)
External output signal trigger
Power supply DC 10.5-30V, 110W
Optional items
10.4” display (LCD) NWZ-146
15” display (LCD) NWZ-164
Trunk pipe (PVC) BRBX05030
Trunk pipe (FRP) BRBX05037
External speaker (4Ω) 6USFD00010
Remote controller (with cable) NCH-606
Remote controller terminal CQD-2145 (built in NJC-29E, package order with NCH-606)
NAV-IN terminal CQD-2144
Trigger input terminal CQD-2143 (built in NJC-29E, synchronised TB for fish finder)
NMEA output terminal CQD-2142
Protective cover for processor (IPX2) BRBX05381 (desk of floor mount)

1) Optional interface may be required


Image:Dimensions:DISPLAYS NWZ-146/NWZ-164


Image:Dimensions:KEYBOARD NCH-607E


Image:Dimensions:PROCESSOR NJC-29E


Image:Dimensions:HULL UNIT NKF-900-00


  • Display (excl. in BB config)
  • Processor
  • Keyboard
  • Hull unit
  • Soundome unit
  • Joint pipe
  • Spare parts
  • Cables
  • Manuals (English)


Which cables?
Display to processor (excl. in BB config) 5 m
Display to power supply (excl. in BB config) 5 m
Processor to power supply 3 m
Keyboard to processor 5 m
Hull unit to processor (signal) 15 m
Hull unit to processor (hoist) 15 m
Hull unit to power supply 5 m