Voyage Data Recorder JCY-1800

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Specifications / Components


Internation requirements
IMO A861(20), IEC61996, IEC60945, etc.
Protective capsule
Recording data date & time, ship's position, speed, heading, bridge communications, Radar Image, VHF Audio, under keel clearance, bridge main alarms, rudder order/response, engine order/response, water,- fire-tight door status, hull opening status, accelerations and hull stresses, wind speed/directions, etc.
Recording data stream minimum continuous 12-hour data
Data recording interval radar image:15-sec interval
Data hold interval over 2 years when un-powered
Environment condition fire:1100°C for 1-hour, 260°C for 10-hours - deep-sea
pressure:60 Mpa (equivalent to 6000 m) for 24-hours, etc.
Input ports for sensor connecting
Mic audio 9 ports
VHF audio 3 ports
IEC61162-1&2 16 ports
NSK sync/step/pulse unit
Radar (option) RGB
Analogue (option) 32 ports max.
Contact (option) 256 ports max.
System input voltage
AC100 / 110 / 115 / 120 / 220 / 240 V

Standard Components

Unit Model Q'ty
Protective capsule unit NDH-316 1
Connection box NQE-3163 1
Recording control unit NDV-1800 1
Operation panel Unit NCG-169 1
Microphone NVT-161 3
Spare parts 7ZXJD0080 1
Playback software CYC-315
(For Investigator)
Playback software CYC-316
(For Operator)

Optional Components

Unit Model Q'ty
Waterproof microphone NVT-162 2
Frame graver board kit
(For Radar video)
7ZZJD0052 1
Second video channel kit
(For Radar video)
7ZZJD0055 1
Armored LAN cable
(Waterproof type)
7ZCAF0200 30m