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FACSIMILE RECORDER Recording system Solid-state recording with a thermal head
Recording paper Thermosensitive paper, 260mm(W) x 25m(L)/roll
Effective recording width 256mm (10 inches)
Index of cooperation 288 and 576
Scanning speed 60, 90, 120, and 240spm
Scanning line density Approx. 3.5 lines/mm (288)
Approx. 7 lines/mm (576)
Phase matching Automatic or manual
External input 1900 400Hz for 600phms, 0dBm
Start and stop
  • Fully automatic-by remote control signals according to WMO recommendation.
  • Semi-automatic-Phasing, recording and stop are automatic.
  • Manual
  • Programmable
RECEIVER Receiving system Double superheterodyne with synthesizer
Type of emission F3C
Frequency range 2 - 24.9999MHz(HF)
Frequency setting From ten-key pad or memory
Memory capacity 90 spot frequencies
Sensitivity 2uV or less
PROGRAM FUNCTION Memory channels 10 channels programmable
Programmable items Start time; stop time; receiving frequency; selection of automatic or manual mode; selection of index of cooperation and of scanning speed in manual mode; ON/OFF for picture.
Memory entry From ten-key pad or functions keys
POWER SUPPLY 10 ? 42VDC, 70VA or less