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JAX-9A is weather faesimili with the prominent functions and compact size On top of it, a function characterizes that as a suitable frequency is automatically selected on checking wave propagtion,frequency selection and timer operation.


Four Modes of Receiving

Four modes of receiving area available selectively for the purposes of recording or for transmitted patterns from transmitting stations:

(1) Fully automatic

(2) Semi-Automatic

(3) Manual

(4) Programmable

Compact Design

The 10-inch facsimile equipment with a built-in receiver is unprecedentedly compact and lightweight; it can be flexibly installed on a desk top, bulkhead, or on the bottom on board.

Reproduction of Picture in 16 Gradation Level

A picture of clouds, for instance, can be reproduced in 16 gradation levels using dithering and a JRC's unique signal processing technique, ensuring high density recording.

Distinct Recording of Fine Lines

The equipment incorporates a JRC's unique technique (fray-scale level change) to reproduce fine lines such as a grid of latitudes and longitudes distinctly ensuring clear recording of weather charts.

Wide-Range Power Supply

The equipment is designed to operate in a wide range of 10V to 42VDC and with a low power consumption.